Family meets

What actually makes us stand out? It is the triad of
Family, Montessori and English, exactly in this sequence.


This does not just point to Gordon and Susan successfully running our English Montessori Preschool as a family business for more than 2 decades. It’s actually most likely the source of this “Home Feeling”. It is a unique atmosphere that just cannot grow in a purely economically driven environment.

This is hard to put in words, but trust us you’ll know what we mean upon your first visit. Promise.


At EMP we work with a method that was developed over 100 years ago by Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori is not esoteric abracadabra but probably one of the most effective ways to positively influence a child’s development. Montessori realized that every child wants to learn. And it is this that children are allowed to do with happiness and motivation. Why … check out our EMP children while they are “working” … 


Well, we have to communicate somehow. Here it just happens to be in English. Our children are a family from all over the world: India, Japan, Denmark, USA, Bavaria, or Berlin … it doesn’t matter where they’re from, they all speak one language here. Automatically. Children of this age are amazing, absorbing language like a sponge when exposed to it in the right environment … before we forget to mention, we do know German as well 😉

Let’s get to the facts.

  • Family run business
  • Licensed by the government of Oberbayern
  • In a charming historical house located in the Villenkolonie Schlosspark Laim’
  • All nationalities welcome
  • For children 2 ½ to school age
  • 2 teachers work with max 15 children (native level English)
  • Montessori Method and BayKIBIG (Bavarian regulations for kindergartens) compliant
  • English is not a prerequisite to start (we can communicate in German as well)
  • Field trips and other extracurricular activities are offered (e.g. swimming, skiing, pony riding …)
  • Opening Hours

. . . . 08:15 – 16:30

  • Program

. . . . Morning Program 08:15 – 12:30
. . . . Lunch Program (max 9 Plätze) 8:15 – 13:30
. . . . Aftternoon Program 12:00 – 16:30
. . . . Full Day Program 8:15 – 16:30
. . . . PreCare 07:45 – 8:15 (on demand)

  • We follow the Bavarian school calendar and offer a holiday program as needed.
Contact & visit us!

Perhamerstraße 49
80687 München