A little bit
of home
away from home.

We have all experienced this: someone wants to get their product on the market, emphasizing all the grand benefits it offers. Some do this loudly, others more quietly (which doesn’t necessarily make it any better). Basically, everyone emphasizes the fact that their offer is just the best thing you’ve ever seen and will ever see. Its better, faster and higher than any of the competition … well, we could do that, but we don’t want to.

Instead … we would like to invite you, invite you to visit not us but our competition. Check them out, get a feel for the vibes. This is important because it will be your child’s home for a large part of its young life. Afterwards, please have a look at us, at EMP. And then YOU decide. You are the experts. You as parents know what’s best for your child.

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Perhamerstraße 49
80687 München