About EMP

Our family run preschool in beautiful München, licensed by the Regierung of Oberbayern, is located in a charming historic house with a home-like atmosphere.

We provide a program especially suited to the individual needs of children of all nationalities aged 2 ½ to 6 years with a ratio of two native English-speaking teachers per 15 children.  The Montessori method, experienced teachers and an up to date child education approach are all part of our concept in compliance with the BayKiBiG. Knowledge of English is not necessary as we do speak German and for the child the language will come naturally with the daily routine and conversation in the groups.ChildhoodBulletin1

The home-like atmosphere with friendly teachers, an inspiring environment as well as home cooked lunch (no catering) gives your child a feeling of comfort and well being. Field trips and extracurricular activities (e.g. swimming, skiing, horseback riding) add to the school experience!


The children are the center of attention in our Montessori prepared environment. As a result, children concentrate with enthusiasm and achieve a real and profound understanding of task oriented learning. The child friendly environment offers a variety of developmental areas: practical life, math, geography, science, music, sensorial, language, art, biology, nature, culture, social-emotional.

In addition, we do offer German to children who need to Prepare for German  school during the last year of kindergarten.


SusanGordon 1WebHere at English Montessori Preschool,

we give your child a home away from home,

where it feels warmth and comfort

as well as learning in a motivated way

with the Montessori method.