Yuck! Igitt!


“Oh NOOOOO, I don’t like that!”

“YUCK!!!” "Wie Eeeeekelig"

“EW! There is something green in my food”


The language makes no difference. The statement is the same.

Is your child a picky eater? ... This is not an unusual phenomenon ;-) ... Children need to be shown new foods many times before they open up to something they have not tried before.

Also, we need to remind ourselves that our personal behavior around the food will also make a big difference. A study found that mothers who communicated verbally and non-verbally (e.g. facial expression) that THEY didn’t want to try a new food had children who also tended to refuse new foods (Carruth & Skinner, 2000).


Here at EMP, no one is forced to eat something that they totally dislike, but everyone needs to try or at least lick or smell a new food. We do not let the children say “Yuck” or “I hate ...”, but rather to say in a polite and neutral way: “This food is not my favorite ...”


Another helpful way to deal with a food that a child does not like, is to say something like: “Well, you don’t like it now, but maybe later some day when you’re older”.