Cleaning & Washing

Window Cleaning

... just a busy child having fun!


Washing and Cleaning

Maria Montessori’s philosophy of early childhood education was that children love to work, although some of the work is less liked by us adults, the children enjoy these very much. Part of the Practical Life activities are tasks of cleaning.

With these activities the children are not only refining motor skills but also their thinking abilities: ... "oooh, if there's TOO much water in the sponge, it will drip all over ..." or  "... if I put less water in the bowl, it will be lighter and easier for me to carry! ..." etc.

This is most noticeable with the Washing and Scrubbing ativities: independence, motor skills as well as concentration and sequencing of activities are all skills that are being refined.

Aaaaaaand ofcourse, as we all know, the element of water will always make an activity EVEN more attractive!