Where has Monty been?

Monty NY

Monty has been to England, the USA and France!!! Wow, what a start into his new career at English Montessori Preschool. 

When not travelling, he presides in the office with Gordon and Susan and enjoys watching the daily routines.

Why a 'Monty' for our preschool?2015 06 07 16.51.01

At EMP we want to bring the world closer to our children. What better way than to have the children bring it closer to their peers. Monty helps with this. The children are very keen to take him along and he likes being with them and TRAVELLING!


When I asked the children in one of our classes, if they could describe Monty, I got the answer: "Monty likes to go on Holidays!" Yep, that's what he does.


Monty in London 2

Dear Parents, you can find more Monty pictures on the Parent's site! Ask for the login at the office.