What's coming up?

What's coming up?

Dear EMP parents, check out the parent's site for the current calendar with events and timings. Get your password at the office!

The following curriculum is a rough timetable that moves along with the children's speed and interest level.
Sometimes more time is spent on a topic and sometimes less - all depending on the children.


       February 2018 to July 2018


Planets & Geology


Concept of Time


Solar System, Big Bang, Sun
Earth: inner core, volcano

Day & Night, Tomorrow & Yesterday, Year & Week & Day

History & Understanding the Past


Man-Ancient Greece-Medieval Times

Gravity, Light & Dark, Magnetism, etc.

Spring Theme

Earth Day

Continent #2 Focus: North America


Excursion ALL

Weather, Birds, Eggs, and Flowers


All about the country, its people, animals, geography

Visit to the Police Station

Life Cycles Insects

Life Cycles Plants

e.g. Butterfly, Ladybug, etc.

e.g. Sunflower

Nature and Garden

Summer Theme

BIG Excursion ALL

Animal Habitats

Plants: wild & garden

Weather, flowers, heat, etc.

Information & preparation

FARM: Agriculture, Animals, etc.
OTHER HABITATS: desert, jungle, etc.

Preparation for Graduation & End of Year Celebration

Prep for Big School
Songs, Celebration preparation