What do we do at the end of the path?

Going To EMP

We look left.

And we look right.

And we look left. ... Listen ... It's clear!

Safe to cross everybody! ... Thaaaaank you.


Going to the playground at the park is an important part of the day for our children. They learn about street safety and being responsible.

The line leaders check the road with a teacher and then let their friends know its safe to cross. This gives a feeling of responsibility for the line leader and a sense of trust on the side of the rest of the group.

Also, on the way to the playground, the children hold a partner's hand, the younger child walking on the inside, the safer side. This again lets the older children learn to take on responsibility for the younger.

And there is soooo much to see on the way! ... Nature, cars, dogs, people to walk around politely or dog poop that is walked around carefully ;-)


Let's make sure, we practice this safety at all times. Education and practice is the best way to keep our children safe.