So where are these breeds from?

HorsesWorld May2015

Oh, the children love to bring things from home to show to their friends and teachers. We get everything from a favorite books, toys, special blossoms, pebbles, etc. etc. The children love bringing something they think is special.


This is why we have introduced show and tell sessions. Children bring in a favorite book, gadget, toy, etc. and show it to all their friends at circle time. Not only does this make the children just feel happy and proud, it practices skills.


The child with the object has to think about what he or she will be saying at circle time beforehand = Material Preparation

The child presents the object and describes in front of an audience (the children and teachers) = Self Confidence, Speaking in Public +++

The child answers questions about the object = Problem Solving and Cognitive Thinking


Thus, the presenting child is practices a whole range of skills and has fun doing so. But is it only the child presenting who is learning? The other children are also learning to listen and watch, wait their turn, respect the child and his or her presentation and think of questions to ask.


Some of the show and tell items can even be incorporated into a work or activity for that day or a little longer, e.g. a book on horse breeds was a perfect connection to our Montessori model of the Earth and its continents!