Park Time

Time to play + Time to run + Time to be loud + Time to be free = Park Time

With a park and playground so near, we consider ourselves fortunate. Our children love their park and the things they do there.


At the park with all its freedom and space, the children are learning all kinds of things. This does not just mean refining gross motor skills, but includes many other skills .. social, communication, etc. The park allows the children to learn about friendship, nature and taking care of it, helping others and helping themselves. Even the walk to the park and back is an interesting learning experience. We look at nature, we check out plants and insects, we let older people get by, we watch for traffic, we cross roads, we take care of our partner, we are careful around dogs and we watch where we step, etc. etc. Every step is a learning experience for a child ....


At the park, the children also learn about boundaries. These are boundaries for their safety as well personal boundaries of ability. How can I overcome personal inhibitions? What can I do and what am I still a little weary about? The development occurs naturally and has no need to be forced. Sometimes a shy child might need some motivational guidance and a rambunctious child a little reminder of safety, but all in all our children know their way and can fully enjoy their time at the playground or better said: "THE PARK".


ParkApr 2015 18"Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur."
Maria Montessori