Lunch at EMP

Fresh Veggies

Eating time is learning time just like everything else in a child's life.

At the English MOntessori Preschool, the children learn how to set the table, how to hold and use the cutlery as well as other simple and easy table manners. Lunch time is a time for eating, enjoying the food and conversation with our friends.IMG 5117


"Please" -  "Thank You" -  "Could you pass the ... please" - "I would like more ... please" - "That's not my favorite ..." etc.


Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are also part of the daily snacks and lunch at EMP. We make sure that our lunches are not just fillers but taste-learning experiences for the children. We serve everything from children's popular favorites such as french fries, turkey wieners or chicken nuggets, but also a variety of veggies and fruit. Here, the children have the chance to eat many different foods from cauliflower to spinach and from physalis to persimmons (khaki) and many many more varieties.


To see what we're having this month, check out our menu here!