Our trip to Poing!

The trip to Poing was so much fun for the children AND the staff. The children had the chance to get close to many of the animals. They fed the deer, watched chickens chase each other, looked at busy muskrats going about their routines, saw a snowy owl like Monty. They also saw sheep, guinea pigs, bison, wild boars  and many more animals. Part of the fun was playing at the Poing Wildpark playground which included a prepared vegetarian picnic.

One of the teachers overheard a younger child ask:

“Why does that  deer look so funny with fur and the others look so nice?”

One of the older boys replied in a very solemn and thoughtful manner: “That deer is still  shedding it’s winter fur and that’s why it looks different.”

It was surely not just fun, but also educational!

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2015 06 24 09.18.20

2015 06 24 12.44.46

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